Modern Table

Contemporary Dance Company

Darkness Poomba

Taking traditional Korean folk song, Poomba, and gradually layering it with modern bass, drums and guitar creates irresistible waves of rhythm; it sometimes even resembled Bjork’s music.

<DARKNESS POOMBA> at The Place, London  review by Thomas Michael ( box office)

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Sok-Do (Re-arrange)

While nice Ajaeng (string traditional Korean  musical instrument) is playing, Modern Table shows ‘dynamic curve’ in its movements, which is the distinctive feature of it. They are very rhythmical, and the dynamics caused by the variation of this rhythm gives the audiences some intuition of velocity. The connection among those movements is intriguing and self-inclusive.

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Men of Steel

Moral man and immoral society
-by Niebuhr, Reinhold

“Men will never be wholly reasonable and the proportion of reason to impulse becomes increasingly negative when we proceed from the life of individuals to that of social groups.”

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Leaning Sound

’A lean sound‘ is a mixture of folk song and shaking off movements, aiming to establish ‘movimiento’ or ‘靜中動’ status intuitively.

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