Kim Laehyuk 김래혁

After graduating the faculty of Dance Performance at Korea National University of Arts (KNUA), Kim Laehyuk is now a graduate student at the same university. As a child, his dream was to be a dancer, but his parents’ firm disapproval forced him to study fine arts. He finally decided to be a dancer as an adult. He went on to the School of Dance at Seoul Arts College and learned Hip-hop, Jazz, and many different kinds of Modern Dance. He was involved in Choreographer Ball Nung Kul’s work, <Welcome to My Garden>, which was his life-turning point as a dancer. Through the performance, he gained mental ability to keep the best concentrating condition as he does not become obsessive with fancy movements. Recently he has appeared in an independent film and other media to express his work as an artist.
한국예술종합학교 무용원 실기과를 졸업하고, 동대학 전문사를 수료하였다. 어릴 적부터 춤추는 것이 꿈이었지만 집안의 반대로 미술을 공부하다 결국 성인이 된 이후, 무용의 길을 되찾았다. 서울종합예술학교 실용무용과에 진학해 힙합, 재즈 등 다양한 형태의 무용과 만나면서 현대무용으로 관심을 확장했다. 밝넝쿨 안무가의 <웰컴투마이가든>에 참여하면서부터 무용수로서의 전환점을 맞게 된다. 화려한 움직임에 집착하지 않고, 최선의 집중 상태를 유지하기 위한 정신적 트레이닝을 배우게 된 것이다. 최근에는 독립 영화에 출연하는 등 다양한 매체를 통해 표현하고 분출하는 예술 작업들을 해나가고 있다.

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