Lee Jungin 이정인

Lee Jungin graduated from Kaywon High School of Arts and Sejong University with an undergraduate degree of Ballet Performance. However, he converted his career to Modern Dance and is now a student at Sejong Performing Art University for graduate program. Not only as a dancer but also as a choreographer, he has proved his artistic talent through his own work, <For Sale>. Lee has demonstrated harmony of mime and modern dance and it corresponds with the ideal of Modern Table as they both want to break the gaps between different dance genres. Trying to expand his professional career, Lee has participated in many different festivals in and out of Korea. He finds great happiness in street performances as people stop walking and concentrate on his dance and the stories within it. It is the most beautiful experience to feel them together with people, he says. He believes that he needs to seek his own artistic philosophical mind and communicate with the world to avoid narcissism.
계원예고를 거쳐 세종대학교 무용학과를 졸업. 발레를 전공하였으나 현대무용으로 전향하여 현재는 공연예술대학원에 재학 중이다. 무용수로서 뿐만 아니라 <팝니다>라는 작품을 통해 안무가로서의 연출력도 인정받고 있다. 그가 선보인 무언극과 현대무용의 조화는 장르의 벽을 허물겠다는 모던테이블의 지향점과도 잘 부합했다. 국내외 다수 페스티발에 참여하면서 활동의 지평을 넓혀가고 있다. 길거리 공연에서 행복감을 느낀다는 그는 사람들이 가던 길을 멈추어 자신의 춤과 이야기에 집중해 함께 느끼는 경험들이 무엇보다 아름답다. 예술가로서 철학적 주관을 가지되, 세상과 소통하며 나르시시즘에 빠지는 것을 경계하고자 한다.

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