Joker's Blues

Premiere 2009.6 The 28th international Modern Dance Festival, Korea

Choreographed and Directed by Kim Jae-duk

Lyrics and composed by Kim Jae-duk

Costume by BAE Kyong-sool

Number of performers 9(5dancers, 3musicians, 1singer)
Length of show 30min
Tour Crew Tour Manager
Touring Party 10
Approximate stage size 15m x 17m
Set up time 1days set up, Next day performance
Flight Guitar, Bass
To be provided by theatre Drum 1set - Yamaha maple


Joker's Blues

Some people may feel an earthquake moving psychologically or mentally inside of them.
Based on this metaphor, 6 male dancers express impact and shock like an earthquake.
This performance is able to be performed as a Site-specific piece and at indoor theatres as well.

어떤 사람들은 정신적, 혹은 감정적 요동을 육체적으로도 느낀다.
'마음속에 지진이 일어난다'는 것을 은유적으로 6명의 남성 무용수가 표현하였다.
이 작품은 실내 뿐만 아니라 실외에서도 적합하도록 제작되었다

-Hang your lips on your ears and wear a smile in your eyes like a joker.
If you have yourself but do not laugh, you are only restricted yourself. – Joker's Blues

-입을 귀에 걸고, 조커처럼 눈으로 미소 지어라. 만약 즐기면서도 웃지 않는다면, 당신은 스스로를 제약하는 것이다