Simchung GuyZ

Premiere 2007.10 The 28th Seoul Dance Festival, Korea

Choreographed and Directed by Kim Jae-duk

Lyrics and composed by Kim Jae-duk

Costume by BAE Kyong-sool

Number of performers 5
Length of show 20min
Tour Crew Tour Manager
Touring Party 6
Approximate stage size 11m x 15m
Set up time 1days set up, Next day performance
To be provided by theatre · Playback – CD (Tape is possible for back-up)


Simchung GuyZ

is a creature that possesses a perfect form of both womanly and manly charm. The image of this hermaphrodite is realized through visualization of time, while the choreography tries to challenge the conventional way of literary storytelling technique in order to help audience to connect with contemporary dance more easily

raises questions that the audience members need to answer for themselves, eventually making the audience members realize that these questions are about themselves, not about others.

<심청가이즈>는 여성스럽고, 남자다운 매력 둘 다의 완벽한 형태를 지닌 작품입니다. 이러한 자웅동체의 이미지는 시각적 심상을 통해 실현됩니다. 그 동안 관객들이 현대무용을 더 쉽게 접할 수 있도록 돕기 위해 안무가는 문학적인 스토리텔링 기술이라는 종래의 방법에 도전합니다.

<심청가이즈>는 관객들이 자신을 책임질 필요가 있다는 문제를 제기합니다. 결국 관객들로 하여금 이러한 질문들이 타인이 아닌 그들 스스로에 관한 것임을 깨닫도록 만듭니다.