Some people may feel an earthquake moving psychologically or mentally inside of  them.Based on this metaphor, 6 male dancers express impact and shock like an earthquake. This performance is able to be performed as a Site-specific piece  and at in door theatres as well.
어떤 사람들은 정신적, 혹은 감정적 요동을 육체적으로도 느낀다. ‘마음속에 지진이 일어난다.’는 것을 은유적으로 6명의 남성 무용수가 표현하였다. 이 작품은 실내 뿐만 아니라 실외에서도 적합하도록 제작되었다.


2014.6.4 at SIDF(Sibu int’l dance festival), Sarawak Sibu, Malaysia
Choreographed and Directed by
Kim Jaeduk
Lyrics and Music Composed by
Kim Jaeduk


Full Version

Running Time 17 Mins
Company Modern Table
Artistic Director Kim Jaeduk
Producer Jeon Elly Eunji
No.of Performer 6 Dancers
Tour Crew 1 Producer
Touring Party 7
Approximate stage size 11m * 15m (Site-Specific)
Set up time 1 hours for space checking

To be provided by theatre
·Playback for MP3 or Laptop computer with AUX for MR

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