Joker's Blues

The social images of people who live in conceptual reality are compared to the life of a clown. This includes the essence of Korean sentiment. Contemporary society becomes the stage, people who struggle to live in that society become clowns on the stage. The work sublimates the unresolved sadness, which comes from a fact that people can’t laugh or can’t cry out loud when they want to, into a delight. Agile movement conveys the feeling of confusion.
개념화된 현실 속에서 살고 있는 사람들의 사회적 모습을 광대의 인생에 비유하고자 하며, 그 안에서 한국의 정서를 깊이 담아내고자 한다. 현대의 사회가 무대가 되고, 그 안에서 힘들게 살고 있는 사람들은 광대로 표현된다.
웃고 싶을 때 웃지 못하며, 소리 내서 울고 싶을 때 맘껏 울지 못하는 서러움을 경쾌함으로 승화시켜 표현하며, 혼란스러움에 몸이 젖어 있음을 민첩한 행동으로써 표현한다.
Hang your lips on your ears and wear a smile in your eyes like a joker.
If you have yourself but do not laugh, you are only restricted yourself.

-Joker’s Blues

입을 귀에 걸고, 조커처럼 눈으로 미소 지어라. 만약 즐기면서도 웃지 않는다면, 당신은 스스로를 제약하는 것이다.

-Joker’s Blues


2009.6 The 28th international Modern Dance Festival, Korea
Choreographed and Directed by
Kim Jaeduk
Lyrics and Music Composed by
Kim Jaeduk
Costume by
Bae Kyongsool


Full Version

Running Time 30 Mins
Company Modern Table
Artistic Director Kim Jaeduk
Producer Jeon Elly Eunji
No.of Performer 5 Dancers, 3 Musicians, 1 Singer
Tour Crew 1 Producer, 1 Lightning Designer
Touring Party 11
Approximate stage size 15m * 17m
Set up time 1 days set up, Next day performance
To be provided by theatre

·Drum 1set – Yamaha maple
·Bass guitar amp 1ea – Eden world tour 800 cabinet
·Guitar amp 1ea – Fender Twin Reverb.
·1 Wireless Hand mic. & 2 Stand mic
·Playback for MP3 or Laptop computer with AUX for MR

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