Kim Jaeduk

Artistic Director
Modern Table Dance Company / Artistic Director and Choreographer
Singapore T.H.E(The Human Expression) Dance Company / Residency Choreographer

LDP Dance Company Member


2013 Sung-kyun-kwan Univ. / PhD in Dance (Finish)
2009 K.ARTS(Korea National Univ. of Arts / MFA in Performing Arts
2005 K.ARTS(Korea National Univ. of Arts / BFA in Performing Arts


Selected as ‘Choreographer Enhanced This Year’ by Dancers’ Career Development Center


Finland Helsinki Int’l Ballet Competition / Choreography Award / ‘Aria’
The Korean Association of Dance Critics and Researchers/ best 5 performances/ Sok-do
Dance culture Forum/ the performance of this year/ Darkness Poomba
The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea /2017 Dance Vision Award/ IDD(Int’l Dance Development) Award


Jeonju Dae-sa-seup Festival all night concert ‘Honor of the year’ / ‘ Darkness Poomba’


Jeonju Dae-sa-seup Festival ‘Honor of the year’ / ‘ Darkness Poomba’
The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea / young Dancer Award
PAMS(Performing Art Market in Seoul) Choice / Darkness Poomba


The 3rd CJ Young Festival / Excellence Award / Darkness Poomba
Seoul Int’l Choreography Festival / Special Jury Award


The 28th Seoul Dance Festival / Won the First Prize / ‘Simchung Guyz’


Men of Steel Greenwich+Docklands Int’l Festival / Jubilee Plaza, Canary wharf / London / UK2017
Darkness Poomba Traveling Korean Arts / Kairo Opera House / Kairo, Egypt
Darkness Poomba Traveling Korean Arts / Abu Dhabi National Theatre / Abu Dhabi, UAE
Darkness Poomba Traveling Korean Arts / Archa Theater / Prague, Czech
Darkness Poomba Traveling Korean Arts / Mom cultruarl center / Budapest, Hungary
Breathing Attack SIDance ‘Who’s NEXT?1’ / Jayu theater( Seoul art center), Seoul, Korea
Darkness Poomba(Gugak Collab Ver.) / National Gugak Center, Seoul, Korea
Leaning Sound ASAC Gesture Festival / DALMAJI Theater (Ansan Arts Center), Ansan, Korea
Sok-do Dancer Hanmaum Festival / Arko Theater, Seoul, Korea
Darkness poomba La Siesta / Festival Theater Mime, Chuncheon, Korea
Men of steel Odoru Akita Int’l Dance Festival / Eria Nakaichi, Akita-shi, Akita-ken, Japan
Darkness Poomba Chekhov Int’l Theatre Festival / Mossovet Theatre / Moscow / Russia
Darkness Poomba Shin-Nagata ver. NPO DANCE BOX residency / Kobe / Japan
Sigan New Zealand dance company residency / Auckland / New Zealand
Lubdub Bale Teatro Castro alves residency / Salvador / Brazil
The Force Flow COMPANHIA DE DANÇAS DE DIADEMA residency / Diadema / Brazil
Men of Steel Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival / (Outdoor) / Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do / Korea
Darkness Poomba, Men of Steel, leaning Sound The 37th inter-school dance competition Guest performance / Macau / China


Darkness Poomba Odoru*Akita / Akita city arts center / Akita-shi, Akita-ken / Japan
Darkness Poomba K-music Festival / The Place / London / UK
Darkness Poomba Travelling Korean Arts / Millenium Stage, J.F. Kennedy Center / Washington D.C / USA
Darkness Poomba Understand Avenue / Seoul / Korea
Men of Steel Goyang lakepark arts festival / Outdoor / Goyang-si, Gyeongi-do / Korea
Breathing Attack National Museum of Contemporary arts / Seoul / Korea
Sok-do SIDance / Seoul Arts Center, Towol Theatre / Seoul / Korea
Men of Steel, Earthquake Seoul Street arts festival / Seoul plaza / Seoul / Korea
Darkness Poomba Daegu int’l dance festival / Daegu arts center / Daegu / Korea
Leaning sound U-theater Festival / U-theater / Seoul / KoreaDarkness Poomba Beijing Dance Festival / Tianqiao Arts Center, Lyric Theater / Beijing / China
Darkness Poomba Int’l Comic Dance Festival in Nowon / Nowon Arts center / Seoul / Korea
Men of Steel KBEE2016 (Korea Brand &Entertainment Expo 2016 / CQ int’l Convention &Exhibition Center / Chongqing / China
Men of Steel Ansan Street Arts Festival / Outdoor / Ansan / Korea
Dusting off National Gugak Center / Seoul / Korea
Equilibrium T.H.E Dance company residency / Esplanade / Singapore


Camping ete by CND as supervisor / Paris / France
Organized Chaos Beijing Dance Festival / Beijing / China
Tension Espacial Argentina Nat’l contemporary dance company residency / Buenos Aires / Argentina
Tension Espacial Complejo Cultural Chaqueño / Sáenz Pena/ ArgentinaTension Espacial Centro Cultural Guido Miranda / Resistencia / Argentina
Tension Espacial Teatro Margarita Xirgu / Buenos Aires / Argentina
Tension Espacial Centro Nacional de la Música y la Danza / Buenos Aires / Argentina
Darkness Poomba Fórum Internacional de Dança do Estado de São Paulo / São Paulo / Brazil
Darkness Poomba ENCONTRO INTERNACIONAL DE DANÇA / Natal / Brazil
Darkness Poomba Festival Internacional PARALELO 16 / Goiania / Brazil
Sokdo-Velocity National Gugak Center / Seoul / Korea
Sinawi-sanjo PADAF / Daehak-ro Art Center / Seoul / Korea
Darkness Poomba Maronier Summer Festival as Opening Ceremony / Outdoor / Seoul / Korea
Darkness Poomba Comedy Arts Festival 2015 / Outdoor / Dae-jeon / Korea
Earthquake HUG(Sejong Art Center) / Outdoor / Seoul / Korea
Earthquake Hi-Seoul Festival / Outdoor / Seoul / Korea
Darkness Poomba Traveling Korean Arts / Concourse Chatwsood / Sydney / AU
Darkness Poomba Traveling Korean Arts / Curitiba and Sao Paulo / Brazil
Darkness Poomba Arts night of Korea, China and Japan / Qingdao / China
Sinawi Brazil Int’l Dance Festival / San Luis, Pulsando / Brazil
Tempo Singular at Teatro Arthur Azevedo / Brazil
Tempo Singular SESC Rio Preto / San Jose do rio Preto / Brazil
Tempo Singular Festival de Dança de Fortaleza (Opening Gala) / Fendafor / Brazil
Tempo Singular Festival Pulso Urbano (Opening Gala)

“Forcing yourself to fit under certain rules will eventually blur your identity. Of course, once you have a strong personality, that many also pressure you to behave in a certain way. But my point is this:
if you can create a new genre, it means that the rules you make are acknowledged by others. If you have the ability to create a rule, you also have the ability to break down one.”

-Interview with Sam-teo, Jul 2007


Sinawi NDT &KORZO (Voorjaarsontwaken-Spring Awakening) / Nethelands
Darkness Poomba, Earthquake Sibu int’l dance festival / Sibu, Sarawak / Malaysia
Darkness Poomba at Comedy Arts Festival 2014 / Outdoor / Dae-jeon / Korea
Smile LIG art Hall / Seoul &Busan / Korea
New Balance LIG art Hall / Seoul &Busan / Korea
Darkness Poomba, Sinawi Buenos Aires int’l dance festival / Buenos Aires / Argentina
Smart illumination Dance truck / Yokohama / JapanSinawi December dance festival / Brugge / Belgium
Sinawi / Virada Cultural Paulista Theatre / San Jose do rio Preto / Brazil
Organized Chaos D’motion Festival / Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Organized Chaos M1 CONTACT Festival / Esplanade / Singapore
Sinawi Virada Cultural Paulista / San Jose do rio Preto / Brazil


Darkness Poomba, Awake Janeiro de Grandes Espetaculos Festival
Sinawi SIDance ‘Who’s Next?2’ / Gangdong Arts Center / Seoul / Korea
KICK Maroniere festival in Summer / Outdoor / Seoul / Korea
Choice HANPAC Soloist / 극장 / Seoul / Korea
Mr.Sign D’motion Festival / Malaysia
Re:OKBut! LIG Arts Platform invitation Performance
Re:OKBut! SIDance / Seoul Arts Center, 자유소극장 / Seoul / Korea
Kick at Marronnier Summer Festival 2012


Kick at Hanpac Modern Table Performance
Hey men at Singapore M1 CONTACT Festival
Darkness Poomba, Awake at Festival int’l de artes cenicas de Pernambuco / Brazil


Symposion at the KNUA 20th Celebration Performance Kick at the Arco Theater
Darkness Poomba at 2011 Chuncheon Mime Festival
Simchung GuyZ ,Darkness Poomba ,Clocker at Germany ‘TANZTAGE ‘ International Dance Festiva
Awake, Darkness Poomba at Cena Contemporanea Festival Internacional de Teatro de Brasilia and Columbia Manizlaes Festival
Joker’s Blues, Awake at The 2011 Festival Tokyo
Re: OKBut! at Singapore T.H.E Dance Company  Joker’s Blues Awake at Festival Tokyo / Tokyo, Japan
Darkness Poomba, Awake at Festival int’l De teatro de Manizales / Manizales, Colombia
Darkness Poomba, Awake at cena comtemporary festival / Recife, Brazil


Darkness Poomba at the 16th ChangMU Internationa lDance Festival
Darkness Poomba, Awake at “JAMitneun Performance”
Darkness Poomba at the opening ceremony Of the 10th Indonesian Dance Festival
Bohemian Parady at the 1st Singapore CONTACT Festival
Darkness Poomba at Tanztage int’l festival / Germany


Joker’s Blues at the 28th Modern Dance Festival<Awake at CJ Azit
Darkness Poomba at Tokyo Triennale Dance Festival
Joker’s Blues in Winterthur, Switzerland
Darkness Poomba at Dance Triennale Tokyo 2009/ Tokyo, Japan

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